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Founder of General Box Company and inventory of the hinged lid box.

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General Box Company (GBC) was founded in 1938 by Orlando Foss, inventor of the hinged lid box. Mr. Foss didn't have any trouble finding a home for his box because cigar companies thought it was perfect for their products; hence, the hinged lid cigar box was born. As with most products, Mr. Foss' patent eventually expired, but General Box has continued to produce Mr. Foss' box, and is proud to say that companies all over the world continue to use the hinged lid technology pioneered by our founder.

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The legacy continues with Ms. Cline’s son, William Boyle, Jr. Realizing that his family’s company had been “green” long before “green” was even a term, Mr. Boyle took the eco-friendly manufacturing practices of the paperboard box one step further when he opened Aurora Products Company. Aurora Products Company manufactures 3-ring binders, clipboards, desk and mouse pads and more. Now Aurora Products Company and General Box Company, working together as Aurora-GB, manufacture several brands like Decorate Me Craft Boxes, Elements Binders, EarthView Binders, and our stylist PROformance line.  We continue to have a fantastic line of school pencil boxes that are an absolute hit with Pre-K – 3. We also do custom manufacturing. Almost all of our products are 100% Eco-friendly and Biodegradable with no V.O.C. Most of our products are 100% Recyclable and made with at least 70% Post Consumer Waste recycled materials.



Chapter 1

General Box's innovation didn't end there though. When Mr. Foss' daughter, Jane Cline entered the business, she had the foresight to see other practical uses for her father's box. She began marketing Mr. Foss' box as a school box. As of today, millions of children all over America have started the school year with one of Ms. Cline's school boxes in their desk.

GBC continues to make hinged lid boxes for the cigar and school supply industries, but we also make a multitude of other types of boxes and specialty packaging. In fact, we also serve the O.E.M., advertising specialty, and mass retail market industry. Our customer base includes such respected names as Crayola, Estee´ Lauder, Mudlark Stationery, Michael’s, Kroger and Walgreen's.

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Janet Cline—Current Chairman

Reinvented and marketed the cigar box as a school box.

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Aurora General Box, LLC.

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